2018 In Photographs

16749 RAWs, 2732 edits. While this wasn't my busiest year for photography, it was perhaps the year that brought about the most change in my life.

Last year was my first annual "year in review" in case you wish to view it, it can be found in the website menu bar. Otherwise please enjoy 2018's review.



What better way to bring in the new year than to meet someone new, capture some photos, and explore somewhere new? Aaron and I shot a few portraits in Winnipeg's recently opened outlet mall which we were both visiting for the first time.

During our shooting & stroll through the outlet mall, we stopped into an Audi showroom to check out this yellow TTRS.

Steve had a unique idea in the studio one evening to use a projector and laptop to cast designs overtop of faces. The results were some very interesting portraits. Designs drawn by Madison.

My aunt walking with my grandma after a family photo session. 

Portraits for Ken.

I believe these are the first sunset photos I took from my new condo's balcony after moving in March. I had no idea how amazing the sky would be for countless sunsets to follow.

Heading to the CMHR, Faze takes a quick snap on the Esplanade Riel bridge.

Inside the CMHR, these walkways provide an iconic optical and spacial experience. 

Being Kelen's first visit to Winnipeg, we checked out the Winnipeg sign at the Forks as well as the conservatory in Assiniboine Park before its demolition later in 2018. We also walked around the park before taking a stroll through the zoo.

Exploring the old Pinawa dam for my first time in the winter.

A couple cloudy portraits with John and Faze.

Near Kenora with Alex and Cole.

Giving Kelen a glimpse of downtown Winnipeg at night from the sky.

Taking advantage of a recently renovated space in the Exchange District, Allie, Liz and I used the wide room of natural sunlight for some portraits.

Near Kenora, capturing some wildlife and portraits on a nice winter day with Sydney and Steve.

Visiting for school from Italy, a couple portraits of Giada around downtown Winnipeg.

Smokey portraits with Faze and Kianna in a studio downtown Winnipeg

Tyler loves making changes to his cars and I love shooting them.

Bright natural sunlight can be my worst enemy for shooting portraits, but thanks to my balcony's soft curtains the light ends up diffused perfectly like a giant softbox. 'Twas a great idea of Lara's to make use of that light.

Vancouver, BC. Still my favourite city. Taking in the skyline with Jevon and Caitlyn.

Our first roady together. Kelen, Mike and I spent some quality time in Mike's A4 on the west coast of USA.

One of my favourite spots in downtown Toronto.

A panoramic view of Winnipeg from my condo's rear stairs.

My little brother Landon and his girlfriend Kelsi at a family gathering.

Arjel's FRS.

Who doesn't love an R35 GTR?

Alex's Genesis Coupe.

Oliver's Miata at a popup Danksquad204 meet.

Ryan's Celsior.

John's STi.

Nic's JDM Forester.

My Genesis Coupe :)

Josh and I exploring from above.

After many months of scheduling conflicts, Chink The Barber and I were able to create some of my most favourite car shots yet.

Meet Ushashi.

Ashley made awesome progress with her own photography this year. Ensure to check out her work!

I bought my first candle at the Forks and have enjoyed it all year.

Faze and I shot these portraits one warm late summer day after my new 35mm f1.4 lens had arrived.

Taking in car meets & hangs with friends since 2013 with this guy Grayson.

A late summer sunset on Caddy Lake.

Landon and Kelsi enjoying the sunset on the dock.

One of those "Hey wake up, we're going to shoot an R34 and Supra" kind of nights with Tyler, Matt and Daniel.

After stumbling upon this unique tunnel downtown, I couldn't wait to try portraits in it. 

I took a holiday and managed to arrange this Ferrari shoot for 8am shortly after touching down in Vancouver.

Mersedeh totally killed it with the Ferrari on this early morning shoot. Big thankyou to Nathan for bringing out the Doczilla Liberty Walk 458!

Kelen's older brother Javen got married later in 2018 but I had lucked out and was there on holidays for his bachelor party weekend!

The other large part of this vacation consisted of a second roady down through the American west coast with Kelen and Mike. Our first night was in a tent on the side of some random mountain pass and it was truly incredible.

Cannon Beach

This was shot one morning in a KOA camp spot.

God's Thumb.

Mike's brother Paul has a beauty whip even in the rain.

Who's Mahon's this?

Hanging with Nic on his roof downtown.

Nicholas's WRX over in Toronto is okay I guess ;)

One last shoot with the summer wheels on. Shortly after this we got some very early snow.


I had the honor of capturing the morning prep of Tyler and his brothers. 

Shortly after taking in Allie and Tyler's beautiful wedding, we all gathered in the reception tent for a fantastic evening celebration. Kris couldn't wait for the Fireball + GoPro bottle to make its way around the room :D

Stephen taking a quick break from dancing to cheese for the camera.

2018 was my first Nuit Blanche!

Lights of the North was quite the spectacle to enjoy in Winnipeg.

Anytime someone asks me to shoot their wedding proposal, I cannot help but smile the entire time. Congrats Skyler!

It may have taken several months longer than anyone would have anticipated, but Grayson's JDM EVO8 finally arrived!

Mr Ahi and his 4Runner one overcast day out in Sandilands, MB.

On a quick weekend trip to Minneapolis for a concert, Andrew, Skye and I explored downtown in our free time.

Before it got too chilly out, I was glad to squeeze in a few more outdoor portraits of Faze and Shelby.

When it gets too cold to shoot & explore outdoors, it can be challenging to get creative indoors. Luckily that is never an issue when shooting with Avery.

Above: The Brotherhood & Co open the evening for Silver Lining's final show.

Silver Lining putting on one last show as friends and family filled Cowboys Roadhouse.

Happy legalization! Shooting people & food for Canadian Chronicle and Fladlands Infused was a blast.

One last work trip to Ontario for the year included a neat coincidence; Landon and Kelsi happened to be in Toronto at the same time!

They sure love pinball over at Forth.

Kelen was able to drop in for a week-long visit, his second visit to Winnipeg. I do question why he only comes here in the Winter though...

Within about 15 seconds of waking up and looking out the window, we were on a mission to capture the overnight frost from the sky. It was sure worth it.

Breaking in a recently renovated studio downtown with Avery and Faze.

Merry Christmas from Lara!

Happy New Year!

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