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2019 In Photographs

Year 3 of an annual review in photos. My apologies that it was 4 months late this round... COVID-19 right? 16293 photos shot this year, 2540 edits, and ~116 picks for this year's review.



Downtown Winnipeg has a new prestigious address, moving the business spotlight away from Portage & Main and over to True North Square. I don't believe it was open yet, but the outdoor courtyard adds a very modern touch to a slightly behind city.

When we're blessed with warm winter days here and there, I like to go wash the whip and get some snowy shots.

I had heard something from a friend about the "comfiest sweaters ever" being produced by Rezillion in Winnipeg. After waiting many months for a restock of their new colors, I was given an opportunity to shoot their promo media one slightly chilly Winter day.

And yes, they are the most comfy sweater ever.

A downtown Winnipeg skyline during an overcast winter sunset.

A few more winter photos of my GenCoupe, downtown Winnipeg.

After receiving a new mirror from my mother, I took advantage of the sunlight pouring into my condo to play with the reflections.

Despite never having too much of a plan, it is always fun having Avery out for a portrait sesh.

Another angle of Winnipeg's skyline, featuring John Ahi.

Out & about downtown with Skye Spence.

Back at True North Square, nighttime.

Catching some street in Chinatown.

Dr Fresch spinning at OV Club in Osborne Village with Skye Spence and Kratom.

Exploring and shooting with Meghan, Skye and Avery.

When a homie is selling his racekor, you must do "final photos".

While it was a necessary step to move onto bigger things, this beautiful JDM EVO will be missed by Grayson and all.

My family's cutie Lexi. I am loving Sony's new animal Eye-AF focusing.

A rear angled shot of my Gen Coupe with the summer shoes on; final form.

My daily view of Winnipeg's sunset has still not gotten old.

My brother Landon and his girlfriend Kelsi in Epcot, DisneyWorld, Florida.

Epcot lake views.

Japanese Pavilion, Epcot.

Spaceship Earth, Epcot.

Fireworks in Magic Kingdom.

Futureworld, Magic Kingdom

Jon's bagged B8 S4.

On our way to Europe in the summer, we faced an overnight delay in Toronto due to weather. Exploring downtown Toronto with Cole Stoughton.

Players Classic, a 2-day car show at Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom.

Checking out the coast in the UK with Mike Morozov and Cole.

Neushwanstein Castle, Germany

Plansee, Austria with Avery.

RACEISM: A dream come true. A 3-day car event in Wrocław, Poland

Hangin out with Adrian in our AirBnB, downtown Wroclaw. Our paths had crossed prior at Players Classic in the UK which was the start of our Euro trip. Adrian recalled though that we had met once before at CSCS, a track event back in Ontario, Canada. Small world!

Sky high in Toronto. Shoutout Rob for letting me shoot on his camera since I forgot mine.

A couple shots of my Gen Coupe in an underpass downtown, Winnipeg.

Ed and & finally got a chance to shoot his BRZ and enjoy some food.

Colin's JDM Forester STi is such a beaut.

I finally caved in and bought myself a cruiser board as I kept stealing my brother's longboard. I quickly put on many km's. Shoutout baseline, super nice dudes I got to meet while in Europe.

Zach's M2 is super mean.

Shooting some fun portraits of  Leanne with Nish's Cayman GTS.

I really enjoyed this shoot of Oliver's Miata.

At last, RJ was ready to let his clean E30 have photos taken of it, and I couldn't have been happier.

Riley, Avery and I out in the bush at Birds Hill Park, MB.

Family & friends in Mexico for my cousin's beautiful wedding.

A lone ice fishing shack on Lake Winnipeg at Gimli.

John Ahi, Ahi Marketing.

My Vancouver broseph Kelen.

The very talented, extremely hard working, kind, loving, loyal, fun dude, Keiron.

A very cool calendar project ran annually (duh) by the super cool Josh.


Thank you for making it this far & I hope you've enjoyed this year's review.

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