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2022 In Photographs

The end of 2022. A year full of changes. One of the biggest changes I made in regards to photography was downsizing my gear. After switching bags to my first Wandrd bag, and hearing of the Tamron 35-150mm f2-2.8 announcement, I found myself selling all of my lenses in the first half of the year to replace them with that new Tamron, and I couldn't recommend it enough!

As per the trend over the last couple years, Lightroom tells me that I only shot 4428 frames this year. While this saddens me as I reflect on former years of adventures and exploration through photographs, it also reminds me how much I enjoyed those times and motivates me to keep at it. The thought of letting this website expire and discontinuing the annual review almost came to be a reality but I just couldn't. Not yet, anyway. Suppose we'll see how 2023's photo adventures go :)

While this site is best viewed on desktop, if you're viewing from a mobile phone you may notice the photo previews to be low quality. Simply tap on a photo to open it in full quality, allowing a slideshow-type of scrolling as well. (Yes, I copy-pasted this from last year).

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy the images below!



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