2020 In Photographs

Here we are, at the end of a year that nobody thought they'd survive. With most activities and travel being deemed illegal for much of 2020, the photo adventures definitely were more scarce than usual. Coming in at 6382 shots, this has gone to be one of the least-captured years of mine since I started shooting photos more seriously several years ago. Nonetheless, some good times were had and some great memories were caught, frozen forever.

I hope that my images may bring something positive to you, whether it be motivation or inspiration, remind you of an old time, or even just the crack of a smile. Please enjoy responsibly :)



Not much can beat a spur of the moment trip to visit a friend and experience the Canadian Rockies in the winter. Can you name the locations?

Lara, prior to being completely covered in snow due to the heavy downfall we weren't prepared for.

Despite a late start near the end of Winter, Yard Park 2019/2020 was a real great time to practice rails and hang with the guys.

Forever a big shoutout to Colin for the time and effort that goes into building & maintaining snow features. Little did we know that we had way more work ahead of us for Yard Park 2020/2021...

Spotted strapping in up top the drop-in is our mans Riley.

Finding ambient spots to shoot can definitely keep us busy when trying to be creative in such familiar environments; with Avery.

Vancouver. Everyone knows this place is my fave.

Spotted in the wild, the bro Kelen.

Rye & Kelen, False Creek

Yard Park!

Allie working her magic in the studio

Shawn's Veloster.

It wouldn't be a proper year if I didn't get a shoot in with Tyler and his WRX.

Stephen's RSX and Skyler's Civic

Izaac's whip is not to be doubted

Jordan's CC did not disappoint, and he happened to bring along Drake with his Z4.

Happy New Year!

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