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2023 In Photographs

Well, this is the latest Year In Review yet. I almost didn't make one this year and have even been close to pulling the plug on this hosted website, but I figured as long as I'm paying for it I may as well make at least one more year-end review. Apologies for it being almost two full months late.

While it still feels like I didn't pick up the camera much in 2023, Lightroom claims I shot about 8355 frames. To be fair, some of 2023's shoots were of rolling vehicles so the percentage of those which are from bursting at high speed is likely high.

While this site is best viewed on desktop, if you're viewing from a mobile phone you may notice the photo previews to be low quality. Simply tap on a photo to open it in full quality, allowing a slideshow-type of scrolling as well. (Yes, I copy-pasted this from last year again).

I hope you enjoy the selection of photos below, and I wish you all the best in 2024.



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